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Comic Burger Issue #10: Slimeburger
02/11/2012, No Comments

A great week for my own social media exploits!  Firstly, this is issue number ten of Comic Burger, and while I’m stil ...

Comic Burger Issue #9: Batdevil
02/11/2012, No Comments

A flood of awesome video games have kept me from the usual massive digestion of comic booky goodness this month, but soo ...

Comic Burger Issue #8: Allstarsuperbatburger!
02/11/2012, No Comments

Hello folks!  Been away from the Burger for a couple of weeks, with a busy work schedule and my new podcast, Red Barrel ...

Comic Burger Issue #7: Ordering the burger nobody ever orders.
02/11/2012, No Comments

Hey all!  The pile of comics I have waiting to be read is almost scary, with my weekly pull list exceeding what I’ve ...

Comic Burger Issue #6: The burger with “a goddamn nail” stuck in it.
01/11/2012, No Comments

I’ve had a mini break from this blog this week.  Having torn through and reviewed fifty two comics I’ve bee ...

Comic Burger Issue #5: The Death Of Point Ones On Comic Burger
01/11/2012, No Comments

Wow!  I’ve just read the remaining issues in DC’s 52, and while there have been a few misses, generally this has be ...

Comic Burger Issue #4: Less cheese than last time.
01/11/2012, No Comments

Here we are on the final week of the 52! I’d like to make a small amendment to a previous post, as it seems Deadman #1 ...

Comic Burger Issue #3.1: Another late night drive-thru mission.
01/11/2012, No Comments

Phew, just got to the end of my reviews on the eve of DC’s final week of 52 number ones.  Hopefully I can pick up the ...

Comic Burger Issue #3: The burger with a few pubes in it.
01/11/2012, No Comments

Welcome back!  This update is a little late because I was unable to get these comics before Monday and I’ve had a hor ...

Comic Burger Issue #2.1: DC 52 week 3 reviews continued.
01/11/2012, No Comments

Hey there!  Not a bad days worth of entertainment while off work, juggling all this week’s DC reading with the vi ...

Comic Burger Issue #2: More on the menu
01/11/2012, No Comments

Hey folks!  I picked up week 3 of DC’s 52 today, which included some really decent titles.  Here’s my firs ...

Comic Burger Issue #1.2: Incredible Hulks #635
01/11/2012, No Comments

Incredible Hulks #635 There’s comics I’ve been collecting longer, and there’s stuff I loved as a kid, ...

Comic Burger Issue #1.1: More reviews from the first batch of DC’s 52!
30/10/2012, No Comments

Hey there!  I’ve been smashing through the first round of releases for DC’s 52 to wrap up reviews and get r ...

Comic Burger Issue #1: The First Burger
30/10/2012, No Comments

So, I have my first fistful of reviews of DC’s #1s.  I will get around to giving this treatment to the entire 52 ...