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Red Barrel Radio Episode 57: The Second Annual Red Barrel Radio Explosion Awards 2012
18/12/2012, No Comments

In our final podcast for the year, we look back at 2012 and give our favorite, most hated and quirkiest games of the yea ...

Red Barrel Radio Episode 56: A Good Year
11/12/2012, No Comments

This week, Dan, Jem and Tom are joined by special guest Jess, as she tells us all about Lego LOTR and Guardians of Middl ...

Red Barrel Radio Episode 55: The Wii U is here!
04/12/2012, No Comments

This week, Jono from joins Jem and Tom to chat about the recently launched Wii U. Also, Hitman Absolution ...

Red Barrel Radio Episode 54: Transferable Skills
27/11/2012, No Comments

This week, Ben and Tom fill your ears as the rest of the crew is absent. There’s a bit of XP in there and they cha ...

Red Barrel Radio Episode 53: That Means Something Different Where I Come From
20/11/2012, No Comments

In an episode full of distractions, tangents and inappropriate subjects, the crew manage to chat about Halo 4, Need for ...

Red Barrel Radio Episode 52: Legacy of the Wii: From Warioware to Shovelware
13/11/2012, No Comments

The team take a retrospective look at the Wii and talk about what it did best and the legacy it leaves behind. Also, how ...

Red Barrel Radio Episode 51: On the Hood of the Landspeeder
09/11/2012, No Comments

Tom overstays his welcome, telling everyone what he’s been playing, Al finds he’s already a Rocksmith, Jem i ...

Red Barrel Radio Episode 50: Generally Medieval settings
30/10/2012, No Comments

In yet another landmark episode, the team discuss the broad, yet tricky genre of 3rd Person Action/Adventure games. Like ...

Red Barrel Radio Episode 49: April Release
23/10/2012, No Comments

This week, Tom returns from his time away and surprises everyone with the news that he jumped straight onto BF3. Jem is ...

Red Barrel Radio Episode 48: Jem’s Corner
21/10/2012, No Comments

This week we chat more about Borderlands 2, we touch on the insanity of Guild Wars 2, and we talk about the homo-erotici ...

Red Barrel Radio Episode 47: It Takes Two to Bro-Op
20/10/2012, No Comments

This week Dan and Al chat Double Dragon, Mark of the Ninja, and what your achievements can do for you. Oh, and we talk a ...

Red Barrel Radio Episode 46: Better Late Than Never…
15/10/2012, No Comments

It’s an XP episode, which means you get to hear all the fine gaming the team have been up to including Darksiders ...

Red Barrel Radio Episode 45: Integration or Interruption?
12/09/2012, No Comments

This week we talk about the 25th anniversary of Metal Gear, discuss international trade restrictions and video games, an ...

Red Barrel Radio Episode 44: Sleeping Dinobots: GO!
29/08/2012, No Comments

This week the news is more doom and gloom, Jem visits the seedy underworld of Hong Kong in Sleeping Dogs, Ben gets touch ...

Red Barrel Radio Episode 43: Starring Christopher Walken
25/08/2012, No Comments

This week we settle into  another RBR episode by talking the news of the week, procreation with glass whilst listening ...

Red Barrel Radio Episode 42: Song Survival Magicka Mission
24/08/2012, No Comments

As RBR takes on a new format, we chat survival games, our new addiction to SongPop and Dan’s heavy week of gaming ...

Red Barrel Radio Episode 41: The Funny
14/08/2012, No Comments

This week we discuss gaming news, talk about a new iPhone game and why the funny never quite made it in gaming. Like wha ...

Red Barrel Radio Episode 40: Strategically Spoken
04/08/2012, No Comments

This week we discuss gaming news, and talk why nostalgia isn’t always a great way to make games. For our feature, ...

Red Barrel Radio Episode 39: EHMAHGERD PEREHFAHRELS
03/08/2012, No Comments

We discuss the week’s gaming news and talk Al’s gaming challenge and Spider-Man. For our feature, we delve i ...

Red Barrel Radio Episode 38: Petius Peevius
29/07/2012, No Comments

RBR tackles pet peeves in games, those little things that annoy us so. Plus all your usual news, reviews and humour. Lik ...