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Sony Playstation 4 Logo
Wii U in the eyes of the Playstation 4
25/02/2013, 2 Comments

One week ago, I was prepared to write an article about the Wii U in response to the onslaught of major publications decr ...

New Super Mario Bros U screenshot1
New Super Mario Bros U Review
15/12/2012, No Comments

Nintendo: Y U NO GET THE MESSAGE? Just because you stick the word New on the front of a game title doesn’t mean gamer ...

Scribblenauts Unlimited Review
12/12/2012, No Comments

To be confronted with a challenge where the solution lies completely within your imagination, to know no bounds except t ...

Nintendoland park
Nintendoland Review
08/12/2012, No Comments

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when I say “Nintendo” and “minigame compilation”? You wouldn’t be ...

Wii U box art
Wii U Review
01/12/2012, No Comments

With the Wii U finally launched in Australia as of November 30 2012, Retry Quit is proud to bring you its official revie ...

Wii U Remote
The Definitive Wii U Buyers’ Launch Guide
10/11/2012, No Comments

Are you looking for our Wii U Review? Quick, click here and let’s go! Retry Quit is here to help with our definiti ...