Red Barrel Radio Episode 21: Superman’s Franchising Protocols.

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This week, Jem digs deep in the bargain bin and the team have a chat about franchises in games; good, bad, ugly, or necessary?

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WARNING: This Podcast contains explicit language.

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One Comment on "Red Barrel Radio Episode 21: Superman’s Franchising Protocols."

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    Callum 12/03/2012 at 6:21 PM · Reply

    My 2 cents [also on Facebook]…I think the scope of the games marketplace is big enough to accommodate both franchises and original, new IP.

    When I think of the videogame industry, I compare it to the film industry. There is no true “movie goer” who likes only specific things; there are movies for the masses and for specific tastes. Genre films both big and small, blockbusters based on old franchises (Nolan’s Batman) or blockbusters based on new ideas (Nolan’s Inception). One movie goer can 90% of the time stick with one genre, another could watch a bit of everything. And gamers are the same…they’re all different.

    The bulk of the money in the film industry goes into the franchises and big blockbusters, but it doesn’t stop smaller or original films being made. There’s Avatar but there’s also The Artist. I think videogames, still an industry in it’s infancy comparative to film, is and will follow a similar path.

    Now should I got play Modern Warfare 3 or finally finish Braid?

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