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Some words from the guys who make this…

Here’s a link to Part 1 if you wanna start from the beginning. Literally!

Well, this is it. Now you’ve met all the characters! The latest hire to the team is named Kat. Well, “Noob” for now, I guess. Everyone has to go through a trial period.

If you’ve read some of these mini-blogs I’ve been writing, you would know that I said that the comic is “hard work”. At this point, I’m actually not doing a whole lot; the script for the conclusion of the Dawn of the Nerds 4-strip arc was written some time ago and Greg did all the other heavy lifting. In future, we’re going to split up the workload some more so that he doesn’t have to dedicate so much time post-scanning of the inked comic and so that I can feel like a better person for helping out more. For now though, Greg is going to be taking a break, probably for around two weeks. Maybe more. It’s completely understandable; his plate is very full at the moment and when you have to start maximising your use of time, extracurricular activities like this are the first ones to get the chop. It takes a lot of work to produce content weekly.

Not being one to sit around and do nothing, I’ve asked a friend of mine if he would like to fill in whilst Greg has a break. He’s said yes, so next week you’ll be seeing original art from Evan. The idea isn’t to copy the characters as they are, but to take their personalities and interpret them differently. So, yeah. It’ll look pretty different. That being said, I can’t expect Evan to dedicate a whole lot of time regularly for the next couple of weeks to fill in, so I’ll be asking a few more people too! Maybe you can draw and want to give it a crack? If that’s the case, leave a comment here, on Facebook or email me at

When recording Red Barrel Radio last week, Dan and I had some pretty cool ideas for expanding our content to include video on YouTube. Regular listeners will know that we try to include a skit in most episodes to keep things fresh and we might just be taking a couple of the better skits and developing them further so they can be even more hilarious. Sorry I can’t be more specific at the moment, but the execution of the idea is a long way off if we manage to get it done and there’s no point getting too excited about it now.

In addition to what I’ve said above, we’re probably going to be putting our back-catalogue of skits on the interwebs too so people can listen to them easily. But backtracking through every episode is a big job when there are 67 of them, so it will take some time.

Thanks as always for reading guys.

Feel free to direct any questions or comments to FacebookTwitter, the comments section, or even email at

- Tom


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