Red Barrel Radio


Red Barrel Radio is a weekly podcast created in Melbourne by a group friends who look at games from a range of differing (and at times conflicting) viewpoints. Join the team as we have a chat, have a beer, and cover the things that matter in the gaming world; news, reviews and gaming culture.

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The regulars on the show are Ben, Dan, Jem and Tom who are often joined by either Al, Jess or Jono. Why so many? Because gaming is a hugely diverse medium and everyone has different opinions and experiences; we find that the more cooks we have on the show, the better the broth! Delicious video game broth, that is.

The website is updated weekly with the latest episode of the show, but if listening to us once per week isn’t enough … too bad. The show is weekly. However, you can always catch us on facebook, for more frequent banter, cool things we find on the internet and a guaranteed spamming  of your newsfeed!

If the podcast isn’t updating for you, it’s probably because we recently changed our feed url. To get the latest episodes, enter “” into your podcast catcher of choice to get the latest episodes!