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Comic Burger Issue #27: Moldy secret sauce kills the Boy Wonder.
15/03/2013, No Comments

This burger is not so fresh.  Some filling is hot off the grill and the bread is today’s, but there’s a few ...

Phantom Stranger 001a
Comic Burger Issue #26: A late look at the third wave
13/01/2013, No Comments

There hasn’t been much time for blogging or reading comics lately. With my retail management job’s responsibilities ...

DC Presents 000a
Comic Burger Issue #25: Bruce Wayne’s Docklands apartment.
08/11/2012, No Comments

Hey there folks!  Here’s some thoughts on a few more zero issues.  I realise these have been out for a while but my ...

Justice League 0b
Comic Burger Issue #24: What exactly is in Whiskas these days?
08/11/2012, No Comments

Two blogs in one week is a feat not seen here since last year’s new 52, but I thought I’d take advantage of the last ...

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Comic Burger Issue #23: Zero respect for your market?
08/11/2012, No Comments

My last post gained a monumental amount of traffic due in no small part to my link to Top Shelf and the fantastic  R ...

green arrow innuendo
Comic Burger Issue #22: Tabletosity and comic downloadment.
08/11/2012, No Comments

As tweeted over a week ago, I purchased a tablet (a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, for those interested) and dived into this whol ...

earth 2 001a
Comic Burger Issue #19: Forget kryptonite! Try little explodey tentacle things!
08/11/2012, No Comments

The Avengers movie is going apeshit and putting bums on seats like nothing else before it.  Breathe it in, comic book f ...

14-04-2012 8-58-41 PM_0017
Comic Burger Issue #18: Blue, green and spandexey.
08/11/2012, No Comments

I’ve been reading a lot of trades lately, and my single issues have been piling up.  I’m not really into reviewing ...

1-02-2012 11-34-21 PM_0023
Comic Burger Issue #17: 2012 movie preview edition
08/11/2012, No Comments

I’ll steer clear of the story of the week in comicsland, as I’m not really one to concern myself with legal battles ...

23-01-2012 3-01-28 PM_0014
Comic Burger Issue #16: At least they actually HAVE a logo…
08/11/2012, No Comments

“Things the logo also sort of looks like:  A ripped condom being removed from a wrapper.  A large sticker being ...

10-01-2012 5-31-31 PM_0004
Comic Burger Issue #15: Hmmmm…. needs more Batman.
08/11/2012, No Comments

This week DC announced their “second wave” for the 52.  This involves giving six titles the arse and replacing them ...

Comic Burger Issue #14: The Defending Bat-Panther-Spider!
08/11/2012, No Comments

DC have come out this week to announce that the name of the character we like to call “Wally” (or Waldo for our read ...

Comic Burger Issue #13: Back to Action
02/11/2012, No Comments

A couple of months back I talked about why I dropped Action Comics and how it just didn’t seem to be very Superman to ...

Comic Burger Issue #12: An unashamed excuse for a Stan Lee moment.
02/11/2012, No Comments

A curious article from Washington newspaper The Huffington Post this week, reporting on a man who robbed a bank wearing ...

Comic Burger Issue #11: Double burger!
02/11/2012, No Comments

Greetings!  As mentioned a couple of weeks back, Comic Burger is now a team of two.  We hope this will bring a bit mor ...

Comic Burger Issue #10: Slimeburger
02/11/2012, No Comments

A great week for my own social media exploits!  Firstly, this is issue number ten of Comic Burger, and while I’m stil ...

Comic Burger Issue #7: Ordering the burger nobody ever orders.
02/11/2012, No Comments

Hey all!  The pile of comics I have waiting to be read is almost scary, with my weekly pull list exceeding what I’ve ...

Comic Burger Issue #5: The Death Of Point Ones On Comic Burger
01/11/2012, No Comments

Wow!  I’ve just read the remaining issues in DC’s 52, and while there have been a few misses, generally this has be ...

Comic Burger Issue #3.1: Another late night drive-thru mission.
01/11/2012, No Comments

Phew, just got to the end of my reviews on the eve of DC’s final week of 52 number ones.  Hopefully I can pick up the ...

Comic Burger Issue #3: The burger with a few pubes in it.
01/11/2012, No Comments

Welcome back!  This update is a little late because I was unable to get these comics before Monday and I’ve had a hor ...