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Red Barrel Radio Episode 70: When You Wish Upon A Game
05/05/2013, No Comments

The guys get a visit from the Video Game Genie and get 3 gaming-related wishes; anything they want! Will they come true? ...

Red Barrel Radio Episode 68: The Dan and Tom Show!
26/03/2013, No Comments

Somehow, Dan and Tom have been left alone to do an entire episode, so listen in to hear one of the most tangent-filled e ...

Red Barrel Radio Episode 66: Criteria for Gaming
12/03/2013, No Comments

The original 5 man crew of Al, Ben, Dan, Jem and Tom are all together in one room again after almost two months! They ta ...

Sim City logo
Sim City Review. Sorta.
10/03/2013, 8 Comments

Digital Rights Management is a tricky, controversial and downright complex issue, one I don’t expect to solve or f ...

Sim City screenshot
SimCity and the battle of the Servers
07/03/2013, No Comments

Instead of buying myself a new shiny pair of Chuck Taylors when I went to the shopping centre today, I decided to pick ...

Red Barrel Radio Episode 65: The spinoff episode
05/03/2013, No Comments

Al, Dan and Tom talk about spinoff titles. What makes a game a spinoff and what makes it good? What are some of the more ...

Red Barrel Radio Episode 61: Of Games and “Meh”
05/02/2013, No Comments

Ben, Dan and Tom are joined by Jess this week and she tells us all about a new Mobile game to get hooked on; addicts bew ...

"Play this game and we'll shoot!"
Army of Two: The 40th Day Review
09/11/2012, No Comments

I heard an excellent quote from a television programme a while ago. “You can’t polish a turd, but you can roll it in ...