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Comic Burger Issue #11: Double burger!
02/11/2012, No Comments

Greetings!  As mentioned a couple of weeks back, Comic Burger is now a team of two.  We hope this will bring a bit mor ...

Comic Burger Issue #5: The Death Of Point Ones On Comic Burger
01/11/2012, No Comments

Wow!  I’ve just read the remaining issues in DC’s 52, and while there have been a few misses, generally this has be ...

Comic Burger Issue #3.1: Another late night drive-thru mission.
01/11/2012, No Comments

Phew, just got to the end of my reviews on the eve of DC’s final week of 52 number ones.  Hopefully I can pick up the ...

Comic Burger Issue #2: More on the menu
01/11/2012, No Comments

Hey folks!  I picked up week 3 of DC’s 52 today, which included some really decent titles.  Here’s my firs ...