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Comic Burger Issue #27: Moldy secret sauce kills the Boy Wonder.
15/03/2013, No Comments

This burger is not so fresh.  Some filling is hot off the grill and the bread is today’s, but there’s a few ...

1-02-2012 11-34-21 PM_0023
Comic Burger Issue #17: 2012 movie preview edition
08/11/2012, No Comments

I’ll steer clear of the story of the week in comicsland, as I’m not really one to concern myself with legal battles ...

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Comic Burger Issue #15: Hmmmm…. needs more Batman.
08/11/2012, No Comments

This week DC announced their “second wave” for the 52.  This involves giving six titles the arse and replacing them ...

Comic Burger Issue #10: Slimeburger
02/11/2012, No Comments

A great week for my own social media exploits!  Firstly, this is issue number ten of Comic Burger, and while I’m stil ...

Comic Burger Issue #1.2: Incredible Hulks #635
01/11/2012, No Comments

Incredible Hulks #635 There’s comics I’ve been collecting longer, and there’s stuff I loved as a kid, ...

Red Barrel Radio Episode 38: Petius Peevius
29/07/2012, No Comments

RBR tackles pet peeves in games, those little things that annoy us so. Plus all your usual news, reviews and humour. Lik ...