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Red Barrel Radio Episode 78: Beneficial or Profiteering?
11/06/2013, No Comments

Jem, Dan and Tom dig deeper into restrictions imposed by Microsoft, get distracted by news items and Tom tells us all ab ...

Red Barrel Radio Episode 69: Love, Life and Games. But mostly sex.
05/05/2013, No Comments

This week is a mix between immature humour about it being “Episode 69″, and a mature look into sex in Video ...

Red Barrel Radio Episode 67: The Demo Dilemma
19/03/2013, No Comments

This week, Jono joins Dan, Jem and Tom as they have an in-depth chat about game demos. Whilst it’s still┬ánecessar ...

Red Barrel Radio Episode 38: Petius Peevius
29/07/2012, No Comments

RBR tackles pet peeves in games, those little things that annoy us so. Plus all your usual news, reviews and humour. Lik ...

Red Barrel Radio Episode 19: Swords, Sworcery and the Team’s Top 5
21/02/2012, 1 Comment

This week, Al talks about Sword and Sworcery, Ben and Al play We Dare and the team discuss their Top 5 game selection. S ...