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Episode 80: Goodbye, Farewell and Game On.
02/07/2013, No Comments

In this, our final episode of RBR, we tackle the age old argument: PC or Console? Also, Magic 2013, Star Command and Dea ...

Further into the game,
Omerta: City Of Gangsters Review
18/03/2013, 1 Comment

Back in 2002, my neighbour purchased Mafia: The City Of Lost Heaven. We would combine on weekends playing the living he ...

Old players
Why You Should And Shouldn’t Play World Of Warcraft
11/03/2013, 2 Comments

No matter how you slice it, there’s one stigma that World Of Warcraft cannot shake: addiction. It’s the reas ...

Sim City logo
Sim City Review. Sorta.
10/03/2013, 8 Comments

Digital Rights Management is a tricky, controversial and downright complex issue, one I don’t expect to solve or f ...

Sim City screenshot
SimCity and the battle of the Servers
07/03/2013, No Comments

Instead of buying myself a new shiny pair of Chuck Taylors when I went to the shopping centre today, I decided to pick ...

Mass Effect Trilogy Part 1
05/01/2013, No Comments

The Mass Effect Trilogy - Part 1 Mass Effect Mass Effect 2   With the recent release of the Mass Effect Trilogy, not o ...

Far Cry 3 box art
Far Cry 3 Review
01/01/2013, No Comments

Welcome to the Rook Islands, home to lush green jungles, beautiful beaches and tropical weather. You play Jason Brody, a ...

Hitman Absolution screenshot
Hitman: Absolution Review
08/12/2012, No Comments

After a long, six year hiatus, Hitman is back. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the friendly neighborhoo ...

Lost Planet 2 screenshot
Lost Planet 2 Review
09/11/2012, No Comments

In the introduction to a review, I would normally allude to the story of the game being reviewed in question and add a h ...

Red Barrel Radio Episode 18: RBRGP DII
14/02/2012, No Comments

This week: Jem gets violent with the Darkness II, we reveal our guilty pleasures, and Tom admits he doesn’t like a ...

Red Barrel Radio Episode 16: The Life, Death and Future of Aussie Games
03/02/2012, No Comments

This week, Tom talks the Tribes: Ascend beta, and we discuss the recent history of Australian games. Like what we put in ...