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Inconsoleable #2 A tribute to the most terrible box art that videogames have to offer
01/03/2013, No Comments

You’re not fighting action, you’re using a magnifying glass on a street. << backarchivenext >>  Fil ...

Wreck-It Ralph Review
31/01/2013, No Comments

Retry Quit is super excited to be bringing you our first ever film review. In an effort to branch out into new, more ner ...

Red Barrel Radio Episode 54: Transferable Skills
27/11/2012, No Comments

This week, Ben and Tom fill your ears as the rest of the crew is absent. There’s a bit of XP in there and they cha ...

Valkyria Chronicles screenshot
Valkyria Chronicles Review
31/10/2012, No Comments

You know when you hold off playing a game because you want the experience to last for as long as possible and not have i ...

Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing screenshot
Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing Review
30/10/2012, No Comments

One thing I miss about previous generations of consoles is local multiplayer. In fact, in previous generations it was on ...

Red Barrel Radio Episode 27: Casual Offenders
18/04/2012, 2 Comments

This week, the team confront some of the more controversial news stories of the week, talk about what we’ve been p ...

Red Barrel Radio Episode 25: Easter Eggs
03/04/2012, No Comments

This week, the team discuss what they’ve been playing and some of the more memorable  Easter Eggs in games. Like ...