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Red Barrel Radio Episode 78: Beneficial or Profiteering?
11/06/2013, No Comments

Jem, Dan and Tom dig deeper into restrictions imposed by Microsoft, get distracted by news items and Tom tells us all ab ...

Episode 77: Independent Future
04/06/2013, No Comments

Jem, Dan and Tom talk Transformers card games, Darksiders 2, 22 Cans’ Curiosity winner and then have a free-flowin ...

Red Barrel Radio Episode 76: The Xbox One
28/05/2013, No Comments

Jem and Tom rip their teeth into the less-than-impressive announcement of the XBone … X-bone … Xbox one. Fro ...

Red Barrel Radio Episode 69: Love, Life and Games. But mostly sex.
05/05/2013, No Comments

This week is a mix between immature humour about it being “Episode 69″, and a mature look into sex in Video ...

Red Barrel Radio Episode 67: The Demo Dilemma
19/03/2013, No Comments

This week, Jono joins Dan, Jem and Tom as they have an in-depth chat about game demos. Whilst it’s still┬ánecessar ...

Red Barrel Radio Episode 66: Criteria for Gaming
12/03/2013, No Comments

The original 5 man crew of Al, Ben, Dan, Jem and Tom are all together in one room again after almost two months! They ta ...

Red Barrel Radio Episode 64: Verb! Noun! Buzzword!
26/02/2013, No Comments

Jem, Jess and Tom talk about the biggest announcement of the week, the Playstation 4! Tune in for the facts and for some ...

Sony Playstation 4 Logo
Wii U in the eyes of the Playstation 4
25/02/2013, 2 Comments

One week ago, I was prepared to write an article about the Wii U in response to the onslaught of major publications decr ...

Red Barrel Radio Episode 63: Generation Next
19/02/2013, No Comments

Ben, Dan and Tom decide that it’s a great time to discuss the upcoming generation of consoles and gaming. What lie ...

Red Barrel Radio Episode 58: Second hand Resolutions
15/01/2013, No Comments

What better way to usher in the new season of Red Barrel Radio than a nice old fashioned argument! We look back at what ...

Red Barrel Radio Episode 54: Transferable Skills
27/11/2012, No Comments

This week, Ben and Tom fill your ears as the rest of the crew is absent. There’s a bit of XP in there and they cha ...

Red Barrel Radio Episode 53: That Means Something Different Where I Come From
20/11/2012, No Comments

In an episode full of distractions, tangents and inappropriate subjects, the crew manage to chat about Halo 4, Need for ...

Red Barrel Radio Episode 27: Casual Offenders
18/04/2012, 2 Comments

This week, the team confront some of the more controversial news stories of the week, talk about what we’ve been p ...

Red Barrel Radio Episode 24: A Journey Into Our Emotions
27/03/2012, No Comments

This week, Dan reviews Journey (the game, not the band), and the team talk about their most memorable emotional response ...

Red Barrel Radio Episode 23: Voice overs having a Mass Effect
21/03/2012, No Comments

This week, the team talk some more about Mass Effect 3, then the best and worst in Voice Acting in Video Games. Like wha ...

Red Barrel Radio Episode 22: The Mass Movies Effect
12/03/2012, No Comments

Ep. 22 features the latest figures on the handheld war, first impressions of Mass Effect 3 and a discussion about videog ...

Red Barrel Radio Episode 20: Role Players Wrath
28/02/2012, No Comments

This week, the team chat about the PSVita launch games, Al and Dan feel Asura’s Wrath and we celebrate turning 20 ...

Red Barrel Radio Episode 18: RBRGP DII
14/02/2012, No Comments

This week: Jem gets violent with the Darkness II, we reveal our guilty pleasures, and Tom admits he doesn’t like a ...