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Comic Burger Issue #21: Ravaged by spelling errors.
08/11/2012, No Comments

Ends Of The Earth more exciting than Avengers Vs X-Men?  Not that I’m hating AVX, but I just found Spidey’s event t ...

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Comic Burger Issue #20: Spidey vs Al Gore!
08/11/2012, No Comments

Just two reviews this burger, though one of them encompasses five comics.  I’ve been reading more, but I figure ranti ...

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Comic Burger Issue #17: 2012 movie preview edition
08/11/2012, No Comments

I’ll steer clear of the story of the week in comicsland, as I’m not really one to concern myself with legal battles ...

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Comic Burger Issue #15: Hmmmm…. needs more Batman.
08/11/2012, No Comments

This week DC announced their “second wave” for the 52.  This involves giving six titles the arse and replacing them ...

Comic Burger Issue #14: The Defending Bat-Panther-Spider!
08/11/2012, No Comments

DC have come out this week to announce that the name of the character we like to call “Wally” (or Waldo for our read ...

Comic Burger Issue #12: An unashamed excuse for a Stan Lee moment.
02/11/2012, No Comments

A curious article from Washington newspaper The Huffington Post this week, reporting on a man who robbed a bank wearing ...