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Sony Playstation 4 Logo
Wii U in the eyes of the Playstation 4
25/02/2013, 2 Comments

One week ago, I was prepared to write an article about the Wii U in response to the onslaught of major publications decr ...

Red Barrel Radio Episode 63: Generation Next
19/02/2013, No Comments

Ben, Dan and Tom decide that it’s a great time to discuss the upcoming generation of consoles and gaming. What lie ...

Red Barrel Radio Episode 57: The Second Annual Red Barrel Radio Explosion Awards 2012
18/12/2012, No Comments

In our final podcast for the year, we look back at 2012 and give our favorite, most hated and quirkiest games of the yea ...

Scribblenauts Unlimited Review
12/12/2012, No Comments

To be confronted with a challenge where the solution lies completely within your imagination, to know no bounds except t ...

Red Barrel Radio Episode 56: A Good Year
11/12/2012, No Comments

This week, Dan, Jem and Tom are joined by special guest Jess, as she tells us all about Lego LOTR and Guardians of Middl ...

Nintendoland park
Nintendoland Review
08/12/2012, No Comments

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when I say “Nintendo” and “minigame compilation”? You wouldn’t be ...

Red Barrel Radio Episode 55: The Wii U is here!
04/12/2012, No Comments

This week, Jono from joins Jem and Tom to chat about the recently launched Wii U. Also, Hitman Absolution ...

Wii U box art
Wii U Review
01/12/2012, No Comments

With the Wii U finally launched in Australia as of November 30 2012, Retry Quit is proud to bring you its official revie ...

Red Barrel Radio Episode 54: Transferable Skills
27/11/2012, No Comments

This week, Ben and Tom fill your ears as the rest of the crew is absent. There’s a bit of XP in there and they cha ...

Red Barrel Radio Episode 52: Legacy of the Wii: From Warioware to Shovelware
13/11/2012, No Comments

The team take a retrospective look at the Wii and talk about what it did best and the legacy it leaves behind. Also, how ...

Wii U Remote
The Definitive Wii U Buyers’ Launch Guide
10/11/2012, No Comments

Are you looking for our Wii U Review? Quick, click here and let’s go! Retry Quit is here to help with our definiti ...

Red Barrel Radio Episode 16: The Life, Death and Future of Aussie Games
03/02/2012, No Comments

This week, Tom talks the Tribes: Ascend beta, and we discuss the recent history of Australian games. Like what we put in ...